Paddington, a big royal adventure !

The Royal Mint has created two Paddington coins in iconic places in 2018 : Paddington at the station was the first coin designed by David Knapton, at the Royal Mint, who got his inspiration from … having loved the Paddington books since a young age. Just like the Queen, Paddington has two birthdays every year, so the Royal Mint decided to design Paddington at Buckingham Palace coins as well !


Discover London with Paddington !

In 2019, the Royal Mint created two new Paddington coins ! One of Paddington at the Tower of London where he met with Mr Gruber for elevenses and said hello to the ravens and the Beefeaters. At the end of the day, he went to visit Mint Street just before having an afternoon tea. What an adventure! And one of Paddington at St Paul’s that he visited with Mister Gruber on a nice sunny afternoon. He was amazed by the Whispering Gallery and discovered how many famous people visited the cathedral. He wrote a postcard to Aunt Lucy to tell her that it would need 107 of him standing on each other’s heads to be as tall as St Paul’s!

Paddington treasure hunt.png

The Royal Mint Case Study

The Royal Mint, which produces coins for the UK, has created 4 Paddington coins in iconic places in London: Paddington Station, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral. These are all 50p coins, available on The Royal Mint website in brilliant uncirculated, silver proof and gold proof. The 2019 launch was supported by a digital coin hunt allowing players to search for iconic Royal Mint coins through the streets of London via Google Maps.