Paddington Races Ahead

First published in 2012

Somehow Paddington always manages to find himself in unusual situations. So it's no surprise when he gets into a spot of bother with some shaving cream, causes a London bus to be evacuated, and is mistaken for a famous Peruvian hurdler by a film crew.

Chapter One

Mr. Curry's Birthday Treat

Mr. Curry gets more than he bargained for when he tricks Paddington into buying him a birthday present. Paddington soon discovers that what comes out of a tube doesn’t necessarily go back in and the shaving cream which Mr. Curry was hoping for mysteriously finds its way into the icing on his cake.

Chapter Two

A Fishy Business

When Paddington is told he needs an Oyster to travel on the bus he heads straight for the local fishmonger. The driver is none too happy when he tries to use his purchase on the card reader but at least it doesn't go to waste as it proves to be a very useful addition Paddington’s latest work of art.

Chapter Three

Spring Cleaning

Paddington is given the task of cleaning his room but when he tests an old recipe he finds under the carpet, it ends up looking much worse than when he started. Fortunately Mrs. Bird had been looking for the recipe since Paddington first arrived and the Browns are soon enjoying her Peruvian alfajore.

Chapter Four

A Chance Encounter

While hurrying through the market one morning, Paddington has a chance encounter with a journalist who's making a film about the forthcoming Games. Paddington's turn of speed leads Sunny Climes to think that he must be a member of the Peruvian Olympic team.

Chapter Five

Paddington In Training

Paddington tests out the services of a personal trainer but he discovers exercise is harder than it looks, especially when you have short legs. The thought of having to cut down on his bun consumption is the final straw so he’s more than happy to let Mr. Curry have his prize of a free session.

Chapter Six

Paddington Flies A Kite

Following a fish pedicure, Paddington goes on an outing to the park with Mr. Gruber, Jonathan and Judy. A performance of Hamlet is taking place in the open air theatre and Paddington inadvertently becomes part of the action when he tries to rescue Jonathan’s kite which has been blown into a tree.

Chapter Seven

Paddington On Track

The Browns are taken by surprise when a film crew arrives on their doorstep and even more so when Paddington turns out to be the star. But their concerns that they might lose him to Hollywood are as short-lived as the film. It isn’t intended for the big screen at all but is being made for the inhabitants of the Home for Retired Bears in Lima.


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