Who is Paddington?

Although Paddington now lives in London, England, he originally came from Peru where he was brought up by his Aunt Lucy after he was orphaned following an earthquake when he was just a few weeks old.

When Aunt Lucy went to live in the Home for Retired Bears in Lima, she decided to send him to England to live. After teaching him to speak perfect English, Aunt Lucy arranged for him to stow away in a ship’s lifeboat.

Eventually, Paddington arrived on Paddington Station in London where he was found by Mr. and Mrs. Brown. He was sitting on a small suitcase near the lost property office wearing nothing but an old bush hat and a label round his neck with the words “Please Look After This Bear. Thank You.”

Unable to resist such a simple request, Mr. and Mrs. Brown took Paddington home to live with them at 32 Windsor Gardens in London, along with their two children, Jonathan and Judy and their housekeeper, Mrs. Bird.

The Browns decided to name the new member of their family Paddington, after the place where he was found, although we later learn that in Peru Paddington was called Pastuso, after his uncle.

When he was found, Paddington wasn’t too sure how old he was so the Browns decided to start again at one. They also decided that he should have two birthdays a year (just like the Queen!) and so he celebrates these on 25th June and 25th December.

Paddington has a close friend, Mr. Gruber who owns an antiques shop in the nearby Portobello Road and most days Paddington and Mr. Gruber share their elevenses of buns and cocoa. If Paddington ever has a problem he will almost always turn to Mr. Gruber for help and advice.

The Browns have a very unpleasant next-door-neighbour, Mr. Curry. He is very mean and is always trying to take advantage of Paddington’s good nature.


More about Paddington

Paddington wears an old bush hat which was handed down to him by his uncle in Peru and he is hardly ever seen without it

When Paddington first went to live with the Browns they bought him a blue duffle coat which he wears most of the time. It has a hood and is fastened with wooden toggles.

Paddington sometimes completes his outfit with a pair of Wellington boots.

Paddington is rarely parted from his battered, brown, leather suitcase. It has his initials P.B. written on the side and a secret compartment in which he keeps all his important papers.

Paddington is famous for his love of marmalade and he is particularly fond of it in marmalade sandwiches. He always carries a jar of it in his suitcase and he usually has a marmalade sandwich tucked under his hat 'in case of emergencies'.

When Paddington goes shopping in the market he often takes along his shopping basket on wheels.

One of Paddington’s most important possessions is his scrapbook where he likes to write about all his adventures. It is also full of mementoes and the regular postcards which he receives from his Aunt Lucy in Peru.

Paddington is a very polite bear. He is very well-meaning and full of good intentions but his trusting nature can often get him into trouble. If people upset Paddington then they may get treated to one of his famous hard stares!

Fortunately for Paddington, whatever scrapes he gets into, things always turn out alright for him in the end.

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