Paddington is, by nature, a very helpful bear and so he does a lot of work for charities.

In the UK, Paddington has given his exclusive support to Action Medical Research ever since Michael Bond had a chance meeting with the charity’s founder Duncan Guthrie in 1976. Over the years Paddington’s involvement with Action Medical Research has helped to raise awareness and vital funds for research into a very wide range of medical conditions with particular emphasis on those affecting babies and children.

Paddington raised money for the charity as part of the London Paddington Trail in 2014 which saw 50 bears placed across London, two of them designed by AMR. Royalties for all copies sold in the UK of the classic Paddington goes to Hospital are kindly being donated to Action. Also, Paddington is the inspiration behind AMR's 'Bring your Bear' event for schools and nurseries. 


In the USA, the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness has partnered with Paddington to launch the 'be homeful project', a campaign to end homelessness before it begins.

The 'be homeful project' gives kids, families, and communities tools for learning about how homelessness affects local children and taking action to help by raising much-needed shelter diversion funds to help local families stay at home. Since the project launched the project in 2015, the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness and its members have helped over 1,000 children and their families stay in their homes.