Paddington’s Postcards

With Paddington’s Postcards, families can sign up for a monthly donation and as a thank you, Unicef sends them a beautifully crafted, personalised postcard plus an educational pack with stickers etc. from Paddington every month. Each pack focuses on a different country and how children live there.


Paddington’s Parcels

Together with Paddington, participants can digitally build boxes of supplies including items such as scarfs, pencils, school books, toys and vaccines to send to children in danger. And to say thank you, Unicef will send you a special message from Paddington!


Paddington's Advent Calendars

At the end of 2019, Unicef and Paddington teamed up to create two bespoke advent calendars ready for the holiday season. The advent calendars didn’t contain chocolate, but something much better, a daily surprise that protects children around the world! The Unicef inspired gifts also included a blanket, school supplies, vaccines and more – real supplies that Unicef delivered to children worldwide.


UNICEF and Paddington

In 2017, Unicef announced a unique partnership with the iconic bear, Paddington, to help promote children’s rights around the world.
Paddington has become a champion for children in support of Unicef. His kindness, tolerance and perseverance in the face of adversity or marmalade-related mishaps make him the perfect champion for children.
Paddington is also the face of Unicef’s OutRight campaign which each year, in time for World Children’s Day,

empowers children and young people in the UK to realise their own rights, and to speak out in support of the rights of all children.
In 2018, his famous red hat became blue to encourage everyone to #GoBlue for World Children’s Day to put children’s rights back on everyone’s agenda.