Paddington at Large

First published in 1962

“Even Paddington can’t come to much harm in half an hour,” said Mrs Brown optimistically. But who, other than Paddington, could hang Mr Curry’s lawnmower from a treetop or set Father Christmas’s beard on fire?

Chapter One

Paddington Breaks The Peace

Paddington is talked into sawing off a dangerous branch for Mr. Curry. Mr. Brown's lawnmower looks like a good solid object to which he can attach a rope but before he knows it the mower ends up dangling from the tree. He eventually manages to free it but the mower springs into life, taking Paddington off on a trail of destruction. It takes all Mr. Gruber's diplomacy to rescue Paddington from the consequences.

Chapter Two

Mr. Gruber's Outing

Mr. Gruber organises an outing to an open-air concert in Hyde Park but Paddington is most upset when he learns they are going to hear Schubert's `Unfinished Symphony'. Before anyone can stop him he hurries off to complain to `Mr. Sherbet' himself. Everyone agrees that the `Surprise Symphony' at the end of the concert is very aptly named when Paddington rises up through the floor of the bandstand.

Chapter Three

Goings On At Number Thirty-Two

Thinking he is on his own in the house, Paddington calls the police when he hears noises on the roof. It turns out to be a man installing an aerial for a new television set. The man is soon needed again when Paddington decides to test the set before the Browns arrive home.

Chapter Four

Paddington Hits The Jackpot

The Browns are very surprised when Paddington appears as a contestant on his favourite TV quiz show, `Lucky for Some'. It's not so lucky for the host, Ronnie Playfair who has to contend with Paddington's unusual brand of logic. Paddington's answers may not be the ones that were expected but the audience make it very clear they believe he should win the Jackpot.

Chapter Five

A Sticky Time

Paddington's attempt at making toffee ends in disaster. The state of the kitchen is a minor matter compared with the fact that Paddington himself seems unable to move and a visit to the hospital is called for. Fortunately, the surgeon is able to diagnose the problem and is soon able to resolve the situation.

Chapter Six

Trouble In The Bargain Basement

Paddington is taken Christmas shopping in Barkridges. After some unfortunate incidents with a bottle of stain remover and a non-stick pan in the bargain basement, Paddington decides to visit Father Christmas instead. He never makes it further than the lift but the manager is so pleased by the increased sales of pans and stain remover, he allocates Paddington his own personal assistant to complete his shopping.

Chapter Seven

Paddington And The Christmas Pantomime

When a local drama group puts Paddington in charge of the sound effects for their mystery Christmas Pantomime, he isn't the only one who finds it difficult to follow the plot, especially when the leading man, Harold Price, loses the secret plans with his lines written on the back. However, there's an unexpected ending when Paddington accidentally sets light to Harold Price's false beard and the play wins first prize for the funniest entry in the drama festival.

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